Morabito Requests Surface Replenishment at Dog Park

Councilor-at-Large Steven Morabito wants minor repairs done at the Paws and Play Dog Park on Sargent Avenue.

Morabito said a couple of his constituents reached out to him about restoring the rock surface inside the park.

“It’s a great park and a great place to take your dog for their activities and exercise but over the years the park has been weatherized and rocks have disintegrated,” said Morabito. “I hope Mayor Arrigo will replenish the rock surface at the park after the winter.”

Council President Anthony Zambuto, a highly respected authority on national competitions such as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, offered his supported for the motion.

“I’ve been here for so long that I remember when we were trying to get the land for that dog park from the state,” said Zambuto. “So it’s amazing the time has flown by and we need new stones at the dog park. It’s great for [Councilor Morabito] to notice it and great for putting in this motion.”

The Council unanimously approved Morabito’s motion.

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