Councillors Concerned About Rodents at Sozio Property

Councillors George Rotondo and Arthur Guinasso both expressed their concerns about rodents making their way from the former site of the Sozio’s appliance store on Squire Road on to other nearby properties.

The landmark Sozio’s store was destroyed in a five-alarm fire in February, 2018. The store was demolished and the property sits vacant.

“The motion [to contact Inspectional Services and investigate the matter] speaks for itself,” said Rotondo.

Guinasso indicated that “there’s a lot of burrows in and about the Verizon and the old Sozio site and area residents are reporting that they’re [rodents] there and inundating the neighborhood.”

“The least the property owners can do is to close these burrows and put the necessary ingredients inside to rid the area of these rodents,” said Guinasso. “I want to make sure that the safety and health of the residents who live there are taken care of.”

The Council unanimously approved the motions to request Revere Inspectional Services to investigate the rodent situation at the former Sozio site.

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