Memorial Pole to Be Dedicated to WWII Veterans Corrado, Tirro

 The City Council unanimously approved a motion by Ward 3 Councilor Arthur Guinasso to install a memorial pole for highly decorated World War II veterans and brothers-in-law John Corrado and George Tirro at the corner of Lowell and Revere Streets.

“This past week, we lost a real true, genuine first-class gentleman,” said Guinasso. “He [John Corrado] was not only my neighbor for over 50 years, but I went to several social events with him and his family. He just exemplifies the type of people that we have in our community that we want to show that lived here, resided here, and what they were all about.

“He was a wonderful father, tremendous grandfather, and a great neighbor and friend,” continued Guinasso. “I think this little recognition is the very simple thing we can do to memorialize him for many, many years in the future.”

Guinasso also paid tribute to Mr. Tirro’s service to the country.

“Unfortunately, a few months ago, his [John Corrado’s] brother-in-law, George Tirro, passed away. And he was also a neighbor. I’ve asked for a memorial for him also. So what I would like to do is that these two names [John Corrado and George Tirro] be placed in the same location on the same pole.”

Guinasso said the family has agreed to this awesome tribute to the two American heroes.

“I think that location would be great at the corner of Lowell Street and Revere Street,” said Guinasso. “It would show many visitors to our community and our residents the high regard and high respect we have for these two gentlemen. This is a great way to recognize them in this Christmas season and the season of giving of goodwill.”

Revere Director of Veterans Services Marc Silvestri, a highly decorated U.S. Army veteran himself, will conduct the memorial pole dedication ceremony in coordination with Mayor Brian Arrigo.

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