Ralph DeCicco was All-in on Traffic Commission Meeting

Viewers of Monday’s Revere Traffic Commission meeting on Revere TV or Zoom witnessed an interesting sight, an optical illusion, almost: the scene behind Ralph DeCicco appeared to be in slow, but constant motion.

DeCicco, chair of the Revere Commission on Disabilities, was, in fact, participating in the meeting while seated as a passenger in a moving vehicle.

DeCicco thus becomes what is believed to be the first Revere resident to simultaneously watch the Traffic Commission meeting while in vehicular traffic himself.

“I was in a car in traffic traveling from Boston,” explained DeCicco. “I had be involved in the Traffic Commission meeting because we had some disability-related applications for parking spaces on the agenda. I guess it’s pretty interesting that I was in traffic [on the Tobin Bridge] during a Traffic Commission meeting.”

The watch-as-you-travel actions by DeCicco were a good demonstration of his dedication as a public official.

“I think it also shows what’s good about modern technology,” said DeCicco. “In the past, you had to physically be in attendance at the meeting, but now you can pretty much be anywhere.”

Due to the coronavirus, virtually all Revere governmental board meetings have conducted by remote. The City Council, for example, did meet on a few occasions in the City Council Chambers, but has currently reverted to remote-only, with live broadcasts available on Revere TV and via Zoom.

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