Council Meeting Will be Remote

Monday night’s (Nov. 23) meeting of the Revere City Council will be by remote participation only, according to Council President Patrick Keefe.

The Council members have been meeting on occasion in the Council Chambers, with no spectators allowed due to COVID-19 guidelines that limit large gatherings. Various councilors have opted to participate via Zoom from their residences.

Keefe expects that the Council will be able to assemble in person at the Council Chambers for their Dec. 7 and Dec. 14 meetings.

“We did go through the exemptions for legislative bodies and we will able to meet in December in the Chambers,” said Keefe. “With the legislative exemption, we will be able to meet by social distancing and with the [plexiglass] dividers in place, be able to speak with our masks off.

“That was one of the issues – the original interpretation of the new, update guidelines was that you had to speak with your mask on, and when you’re doing that in the TV broadcast, it can be difficult for some residents to hear and understand the remarks,” said Keefe. “As long as we are socially distanced when we are speaking, we can take our masks off.”

The Council meetings are broadcast live on the Revere TV Youtube Channel under the leadership of Revere TV Executive Director Bob Dunbar.

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