Cronin Rink Re-Opens After Two-Week Hiatus

The Cronin Ice Rink in Revere re-opened Saturday morning after being closed for two weeks due to a spike in coronavirus cases.

Arena Manager John Carroll of FMC Ice Sports said the rink is open for youth hockey practices and games and figure skating organizations.

There are no individual public skating sessions, though Carroll said there might be an online advanced registration process put in place in the near future, limiting ice time to 25 skaters per session in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

The rink will have a new closing time of 9:30 p.m., meaning that the hockey leagues for senior players have been temporarily suspended.

“Everyone has to be out of the building by 9:30,” said Carroll.

Depending on Revere’s COVID-19 zone designation, the Revere High hockey program might be able to start its preseason practices at the end of the month. “There will be some logistical challenges since all the team rooms are closed,” said Carroll. “The players will have to come dressed and ready for practice and they won’t be able to store their equipment here.”

The capacity at Revere High home games will be 65-80 spectators.

Addressing the current pandemic and the safety precautions in place, Carroll said, “I hope that the hockey and skating community takes the restrictions seriously. We are willing and capable of implementing them so we can protect the health of the participants and keep the season going.”

Carroll, 50, has been the arena manager in Revere since October, 2007. That means he is the only manager in the new rink’s history.

“I made a commitment to this rink and this community and I intend to see it through,” Carroll said pridefully.”

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