Giannino Elected as State Representative

Jessica Giannino officially became the state representative-elect for the Sixteenth Suffolk District following her election to the office on Tuesday.

Giannino, a five-term councillor-at-large on the Revere City Council, was unopposed in the election after having earned an impressive victory in the Sept. 1 Democratic Primary where she defeated Joseph Gravellese.

Newly-elected State Rep. Jessica Ann Giannino with her father, Chris were outside of the Susan B. Anthony Complex holding signs and talking to constituents on Election Day.

Though there was no Republican opponent on the ballot in Tuesday’s election, Giannino had maintained an active campaign with the assistance of her grandmother and campaign manager, Joann Giannino, continuing to discuss issues with voters in the district and connecting with her many supporters.

Giannino voted early yesterday morning and then greeted voters at polls throughout the district that includes Revere, Chelsea, and Saugus.

Throughout her career, the 29-year-old Salem State University graduate has won plaudits from her constituents and her colleagues in city government for being a councilor who gets things done and is always accessible to residents. Giannino’s rise in Revere politics has been meteoric since first being elected to the Council while she was a college student. Giannino has consistently been among the top vote-getters in city-wide elections. She has twice served as president of the Council.

Giannino called her service in Revere government and the election to the esteemed 160-member Massachusetts House of Representatives as “the honor of my life.”

“This election and being a public servant has been the honor of my life,” said Giannino.

“I’m so grateful for the hard work of my family and the many volunteers that helped on the campaign trail and most importantly share my vision for a better District. Together, we got creative, took social distancing precautions and had fun. I’m beyond fortunate to be so deeply rooted in the community and to have my family in my corner campaigning over the last nearly 10 years. Their support has always made a difference, and they are a huge part of our success.

“For years, the 16th Suffolk District has been represented by strong women who knew how to get things done,” said Giannino. “They have been in leadership at the State House and given a new generation of elected officials a lot to live up to. I am completely humbled by the outpouring of support, and as the Suffolk 16th State Representative, I will have the utmost commitment to making sure your voices are heard on Beacon Hill.”

Giannino will succeed State Rep. RoseLee Vincent in the position. Giannino will be inaugurated at a ceremony at the Statehouse in Boston in January. She will serve in state government with Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo, who represents Revere and Winthrop in the Legislature.

Officials congratulate Giannino on her election

State and city officials congratulated Jessica Giannino on her election as state representative Tuesday.

State Rep. RoseLee Vincent said,

“I am thrilled to congratulate Representative-Elect Giannino on her victory! Jessica will be a tireless advocate for the people of Revere, Chelsea and Saugus, and I know that the office of State Representative for the Sixteenth Suffolk District is going to be in tremendous hands going forward. I look forward to working with the Representative-Elect in order to make for a seamless transition. I am excited to see the amazing work she will do and great things she will accomplish as our next State Rep.”!

City Council President Patrick Keefe, who serves on the Council with Councilor-at-Large Giannino, said, “I couldn’t be happier for Jessica. The work she’s put in over the last ten years as a Revere city councilor – I know she’s going to take the role as a state rep and add some youth and vigor and represent Revere, Saugus, and Chelsea to its fullest.”

Ward 6 Councilor Richard Serino, a former classmate in the Revere school system, said,

“I offer my sincerest congratulations to our new State Representative-Elect Jessica Giannino! In addition to serving with Jess on the City Council, perhaps more importantly, we have been friends since we were in elementary school at the Whelan.  We grew up together and went to each other’s birthday parties… it’s wild to me and I find it exciting that a classmate and dear friend will now be our State Representative in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  I am so proud of Jess, and know she is going to do a tremendous job because she has her beat on the pulse of the Sixteenth Suffolk District.  She will pick up where Representative Vincent is leaving off, but will also bring a new, fresh perspective that I think is important looking toward the future for Revere, Chelsea and Saugus.”

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