Councillors Continue to Question Mayor Over Several PayRaises

The Revere City Council approved separate motions by Councillors-at-Large Anthony Zambuto and Gerry Visconti related to Mayor Brian Arrigo’s decision to grant raises to certain Cabinet members and other city employees.

Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto was particularly upset by Mayor Brian Arrigo’s actions in granting the salary increases.

“This move by the mayor and his administration is the most egregious thing I’ve seen in my tenure on the City Council,” said Zambuto.

“I’ve never seen in my tenure a mayor try to circumvent the will of the City Council and this is exactly what he’s done.”

Visconti’s motion asked that the City Council request a written opinion from the Mass. Bureau of Municipal Finance Law on the legality of certain appropriations relative to salaries made by the mayor in excess of what was approved by the City Council in the Fiscal Year FY 2021 budget without utilizing any of the provisions outlined in Mass. General Law, Chapter 44, Section 31,32, 33A, and 33B.

Finance Director Richard Viscay defended the mayor’s decision to grant the raises, stating that the mayor is legally entitled to grant the raises.

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