Arrigo: We Cannot Lessen Our Vigilance Against the Coronavirus

Mayor Brian Arrigo said he is “alarmed” by the recent surge in coronavirus cases in Revere, but reaffirmed that the City and the COVID-19 Response Team headed by Kim Hanton are continuing their strong vigilance against the disease.

Revere has been in the “red zone” in coronavirus cases, an indicator that the city is still in the midst of a serious health crisis. Neighboring communities Chelsea, Everett, Saugus, Winthrop, and Lynn are also in the “red zone” meaning they are in the highest risk category for transmissions of the disease.

“We are alarmed by the continuing surge of Covid-19 infections in our city and across the state,” said Mayor Arrigo. “While I know we are all exhausted from the last eight months, we cannot lessen our vigilance against the disease.  It is not going away, it is no less contagious and deadly than it was last Spring, it threatens every aspect of our lives and economy if we are not ultra-careful.”

Arrigo, who with Governor Charlie Baker announced at an Oct. 20 press conference that Suffolk Downs would house an express site for COVID-19 testing, said the Massachusetts Public Health’s order to close all skating rinks (including Cronin Rink in Revere) was another crucial and impactful decision related to the continuing effects of the pandemic and residents’ adherence to social distancing guidelines.

“ Already, we are seeing scale-backs in permissible activities because we have become a bit lax,” said Arrigo. “For example, skating rinks have suspended operations, major college and professional sports are being rescheduled or cancelled.”

Arrigo has been consistent and assertive in his statements during public forums that residents should wear face-coverings in public and maintain social distancing (six feet part). “The Covid-19 threat is real and it is dangerous,” said Arrigo. “But every one of us can take the simple steps that have been proven to slow the spread of the virus.  It’s as simple as wearing a face covering in public, maintaining distance from each other, and frequently washing our hands.  It can be exasperating that people are ignoring the simple measures that can prevent the spread of Covid-19, and when they ignore those steps, lives are endangered.”

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