Revere Is Going Green When It Comes to Field Maintenance: Mean Green, That Is

Special to the Journal

Infrastructure and Public Works Chief Don Ciaramella recently put the city’s new Mean Green “Rival” lithium-powered electric lawnmower to work in the City’s parks and field as a first step toward eventually converting most, if not all, of the city’s gas-powered products to electric.   The seated-mower can operate continuously for up to seven hours at speeds up to 11.5 mph on a single charge while cutting a path adjustable to 52 or 60 inches wide.

“This has the equivalent of a 36 horsepower gas mower,” said Ciaramella.   Moreover, the environmental benefits are obvious.  The Mean Green uses no gas, no emissions, makes very little noise, and requires minimum maintenance.

Switching to an electric inventory will save money over the long run.  “Items like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc, have very little regulation,” said Ciaramella.  “Because of that, they are some of the worst polluters and least efficient pieces of equipment that we use.  These machines are the future because they get the job done in a much cleaner and less expensive way than we are accustomed to.”

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