Council Approves Four Appointments to Revere Human Rights Commission

The City Council unanimously approved the appointments of Janine Grillo Marra, Jalon Fowler, Kathi Reinstein, and Chaiman Mansour Hossaini to the Revere Human Rights Commission at its meeting Monday night.

Appointments Subcommittee Chair Arthur Guinasso asked Grillo Marra what her contributions to the HRC would be if appointed.

“I feel that my background as a meditation teacher with mindfulness training and compassion training as well recent months of educating myself around these difficult issues with race, diversity, and equality will allow me to offer something in terms of resources around education as well as to use my background in seeing that we’re all here as human beings and the best way that we can take action and make things more harmonious for everyone,” said Grillo Marra.

Fowler said she was excited to be a candidate for the HRC. “I am passionate about it. I am passionate about Revere,” said Fowler. “I’ve raised my kids here to become integral members of the community. I work in the City of Boston in software development. I have three children in the community so it would be my honor to serve in it.”

Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino thanked Folwer “for the beautiful introduction piece you wrote to us. I thought that was so classy and so kind. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I think you’re a wonderful candidate,”

Reinstein, former state representative for Revere for 15 years, thanked Mayor Brian Arrigo for nominating her for service on the HRC, stating, “I’m really honored to be considered before all of you. I think [the HRC] is necessary now more than ever. And I’m really looking forward if I have the honor of being appointed to the Commission for productive and civil discourse, tackling tough issues, having difficult conversations, and trying to find common ground because this is a great city.”

Mansour Hossaini said she was honored to be considered for appointment to the HRC. “As the youngest one here, it feels kind of intimidating when I see such champions of community doing so many good things for our community and for the future generations. If I were to be appointed to the Commission, I would be so honored and so proud that I’ll be with a group of people who have done so many good things for our community.”

Mansour Hossaini, who said she aspires to become a physician, pledged to “continue providing support and continue providing advocacy for those who don’t have a voice in their community.”

Mansour Hossaini also feels as a member of the HRC she’ll be an excellent advocate for the younger generation in Revere.

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