Serino’s Canine Friend Enjoys Council Meeting

Will ZaZa go viral?

As Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino commented via remote on the city’s new resident parking program during Monday’s meeting being broadcast live on Revere TV, the sounds of a dog barking could be heard in the background.

“ZaZa is an Italian Min Pin who just turned six months old on Sept. 22,” explained Serino. “She is quarantined with me as a result of COVID, and during the Council meeting, I had her in her playpen. She was either unhappy because it was supper time, or because she had some comments regarding the resident parking program, which is what the Council was discussing when I was interrupted.”

 Serino, a popular, first-year councillor, handled the matter with aplomb. He politely asked Council President Patrick Keefe to proceed with the next speaker so he could tend to ZaZa.

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