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Changes to Maintenance and Upkeep of Revere Beach Parkway Not Going Well

Dear Editor,

Recently, Gov. Charlie Baker and his administration took the maintenance and upkeep of the Revere Beach Parkway (Rte. 16) away from the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and gave it to the Mass. Dept of Transportation (Mass Dot). In the past the DCR periodically mowed the grasses, trimmed the trees, picked up trash, raked leaves, etc., along the roadway to keep the areas presentable and under control for the residents whose homes abut this roadway.

Since Mass/Dot has had control of this roadway the area’s abutting the roadway is a mess! The grasses and weeds are 2 to 3 ft. high, there’s paper trash floating amongst the woods, there’s broken tree limbs on the ground that don’t get picked up.

I have personally called the governor’s office, my state legislators, local city officials, etc. to complain about this situation and bring it to their attention with no results! I’ve been told by Mass/Dot personnel and stat legislators that Mass/Dot does not have the manpower nor equipment to maintain these areas along (Rte. 16) Revere Beach Parkway on a regular basis! Which begs the question? Why give responsibility for the roadway to an agency that can’t maintain it properly? These uncut, unkept grassy areas also pose a safety and health threat to residents who reside along its path. Both as a fire risk during dry conditions and health risk with mosquitoes and EEE liking high grass and woods!

Therefore, I’m calling on all residents who reside along (Rte. 16) Revere Beach Parkway in all communities it abuts to call their local and state officials to complain and demand that the state and or towns/cities remedy this most troubling situation!

James DePaulo


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