Revere School Committee Amends School’s Face Mask Policy

At last week’s Revere School Committee meeting School Committee, member Stacey Rizzo called for an amendment to Revere Public School’s face mask and face covering policy that was recently adopted.

“After some new information and speaking to people in the healthcare industry I’d like to have an amendment,” said Rizzo at the meeting.

While the School Committee passed a policy for students wearing masks once school switches from ‘remote’ learning to ‘hybrid’ in-person learning. Rizzo felt that the policy wasn’t specific enough.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across Revere and the world, online retailers, local fabric stores, corner stores, pharmacies and even gas stations are selling a wide variety of masks and face coverings but some have proven to be more effective than others.

Rizzo’s amendment, which passed unanimously by the School Committee, states face masks and face coverings are acceptable to wear at school provided they are a surgical mask that is replaced daily; a fabric mask at least two layers; or a face shield with a surgical mask.

Masks and coverings that are not acceptable to wear at school are neck gaiters, which have become widely popular among teens and young adults.

Rizzo said neck gaiters offer the least protection from potential virus droplets for the wearer or those around them.

“We’ve learned neck gaiters offer no defence against droplets,” she said. “The policy we passed covers a lot but did not specify what kind of masks should be allowed.”

Students will also not be allowed to wear a face shield unless they are also wearing a protective surgical mask.

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