Emergency Response Team Announces New Actions to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

The City of Revere’s Emergency Response Team continues to monitor impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and develop policies and procedures to maintain public health and safety for all in Revere. As of August 20, the Revere Board of Health has been notified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health of 2,259 positive and probable cases of COVID-19 in the City of Revere. The City is averaging 13 new cases a day and currently has the third highest daily incidence rate in the Commonwealth. The City’s 14-day positivity rate is 5.4%, more than three times the state average.  

  Last Thursday, the City of Revere’s Emergency Response Team announced several actions it will take to slow the spread of the virus. A newly established Covid-19 Enforcement Team, a cross-functional team of public health and safety officials, has been working collaboratively with state officials on strategies to combat the spread of the virus and alert residents to the urgency of health and safety precautions. These strategies include: 

Issuing citations to residences and businesses hosting gatherings that do not comply with Massachusetts regulations. 

Closing parks and recreational facilities that have been the site of continued non-compliance with mask requirements and group size limits. Today the basketball courts at Harry Della Russo stadium will be closed until further notice. The City of Revere Parks and Recreation Department will continue its Safety Monitoring Program and recommend additional closures to the enforcement team as needed.  

Continuing increased business inspections and issuance of citations through the Inspectional Services Department. The department is currently hiring for additional inspectors. 

Support from the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission to increase oversight at establishments across the city.  

The City’s Outreach Team is also hiring a multilingual team of COVID-19 ambassadors to assist with public outreach, promote safe practices and distribute resources and referrals to residents and visitors. Revere residents interested in joining the team should apply for these positions by August 31 at revere.org/jobs. The positions are being funded through Federal CARES Act funding. 

Citations for Large Gatherings  

The City of Revere’s COVID-19 Enforcement Team will begin issuing $490 fines to individuals found to be out of compliance with Governor Charlie Baker’s revised gatherings order, issued on Friday, August 7, which applies to all venues and locations, including private homes and backyards:  

Indoor gatherings are limited to eight persons per 1,000 square feet of accessible, indoor floor space, and never more than 25 persons in a single, enclosed, indoor space. 

Outdoor gatherings are limited to 25% of the maximum permitted occupancy of the facility or space as documented in the occupancy permit on record with the municipal building department or other municipal record holder if there is a capacity limitation on record, or eight persons per 1,000 square feet where no occupancy limitation is on record and never more than 50 persons in a gathering in a single outdoor space.  

All participants in indoor and outdoor gatherings must maintain at least six feet of physical distance from every other participant in the gathering aside from participants who are members of the same household.  

For gatherings of more than 10 people, all persons over the age of two must wear a face covering when they attend indoor and outdoor gatherings where participants other than those in the same household will be in attendance, unless they are prevented from wearing a face covering by a medical or disabling condition.

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