Happy 100th Birthday: City Officials, Family, Staff Help Esther Celebrate a Century

The City of Revere has another resident who has hit a milestone when Esther Ruth Battaglia celebrated her 100th Birthday on Monday at the Lighthouse Nursing Care Center.

Esther was born on July 27, 1920 in Salem Massachusetts. She was one of three sisters, and was the youngest.  Their father disappeared when they were very young leaving their mother Elsie alone to raise three beautiful children.

Esther Battaglia made many friends at the Light House Nursing Care facility and they all wanted to join her on her very special birthday.
Mayor Arrigo presents, Esther Battaglia her citation from the City of Revere, celebrating her 100th Birthday.

Esther married Myer Selby of Chelsea and raised two children resided in the Point of Pines.  They had two children, a daughter Linda and son David.  After more than 13 years in Revere, the family moved to Marblehead. 

Her daughter Linda stayed in Marblehead and raised a family of three children, Sarah, Rachael, and Daniel. 

Sarah married Dennis and raised two children. Dylan seven and Vinienne five. Rachel and Kiffer have two children, Lily nine and Charlie six years old.  Daniel and Randi have two children as well, Wren five and Iris three years old.  

Esther’s son David lives in Vermont with his wife Cynthia.  They raised two beautiful girls,  Meira and Elana. 

Meira and Christopher have two children,  Dante who is 13 and Sicily who is five.  Elana and Ian have two girls. Eva who is five and Aliya who is three.

Esther is blessed to have five loving grandchildren and 10 wonderful great grandchildren.

Esther retired to sunny warm Florida to retire with Myer who passed away from a long battle with cancer.  Esther was at his side day and night. 

Over time she remarried to Tony from Long Island NY.  They lived and thrived in Florida until Tony passed away from a long battle with Dementia.  In Florida,  Esther knew and had many friends in Florida.  She excelled in bridge and loved to play.

Eventually she returned to Revere to be closer to family and resided at the Jack Satter House. 

Esther has an infectious smile. At age 99 and now living at The Lighthouse Nursing Care Center in Revere, she was diagnosed with Covid 19.  During the illness, she never changed from her normal self and after two negative tests she beat the virus.  

“Everyone loves Esther, everyone says hello to Esther, she is the pillar of strength and kindness,” said her son, David Selby. He added, “Esther is still very much alive and we all look forward to not only celebrating her 100th birthday but future birthdays as well!!”

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