Revere Firefighters, Paramedics Deliver Baby on Burbank Hwy

The Following is the report compiled by the Revere Fire Department on the July 16 incident:

On Thursday July 16 at 6:49 a.m., the North Metro Regional Emergency Communications Center received a 911 call for a female delivering a baby inside of a motor vehicle in the vicinity of the Thrifty Car Rental at 40 Lee Burbank Highway, Revere.

Revere Engine Company 1, along with a Cataldo EMS ambulance, was dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival the Revere Engine 1’s crew, commanded by Lt. Michael Conley Jr., found a white SUV outside of the Thrifty Car Rental lot with a female party who had just given birth to a baby girl.

 Lt. Michael Conley Jr., Firefighter Jamie Nadworny, and Firefighter George Levasseur assisted and stabilized the mother, assessed the baby for proper respiratory function, and clamped and cut the umbilical cord.

Engine One’s crew wrapped the baby for warmth and continued to monitor the mother and baby while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance. Cataldo EMS arrived on scene with a BLS and an ALS ambulance and care of the mother and baby were transferred to their care. The mother and baby were transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital. We are very proud of Lt. Conley and his crew for their excellent work and professionalism.

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