City Reminds Residents of New Recycling Regulations as Part of ‘Recycle IQ’

Special to the Journal

Over the last three weeks, the Revere Department of Public Works has started tagging residents for misuse of their recycling bins. In collaboration with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ grant-funded “Recycle IQ” initiative, the City is entering the second year of public education on proper recycling methods. Over the next four months, residents’ recycling bins will be inspected by an auditor to determine if non-recyclable materials have been placed inside. If the resident’s bin is deemed contaminated, they will receive a warning tag identifying the issue and their recycling will not be collected.

“Recycle IQ” initiative has created four part-time jobs to conduct checks of residential recycling bins, tag bins that are deemed contaminated, and follow-up with educational materials to help residents identify how they are contaminating the recycling stream.

The City of Revere continues to experience widespread contamination of our recycling stream, meaning that what is being placed in recycling bins is not recyclable. The 100% contamination rate costs the City more than $120,000 every year in additional disposal costs.

Educational materials will highlight the following common issues leading to contamination of recycling:

• Do not bag recyclables

• No plastic bags or plastic wrap

• No food or liquid (recyclables must be rinsed)

• No clothing or linens

• No tanglers (such as hoses, wires, chains or electronics)

Residents with questions should reach out to Debra Anemoduris, Principal DPW Clerk, at 781-286-8100, extension 20038.

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