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IBEW Local 1505 Endorses Councilor At-Large Jessica Giannino for State Rep.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 1505 endorsed Revere City Councilor At-Large Jessica Giannino for State Representative, 16th Suffolk District. Giannino has been a member of the Revere City Council since elected in 2012.

“Local 1505 recognizes Jessica’s strong community values and deep roots in public service, and proudly endorses her campaign for State Representative,” said  Michael Zagami, Local 1505 Business Manager. “It’s clear that our District 16 members will benefit from having her on Beacon Hill and we look forward to her strong representation for working families.”

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 1505, located in Woburn, represents over 2,200 Raytheon employees throughout the Commonwealth. IBEW’s mission is to provide Greater Boston’s developers with the best trained, most efficient, safest electricians and telecommunications specialists, while fostering the Union’s values of economic fairness, equal opportunity and charitable giving in the communities they work, live and raise families in.

“Coming from a family full of dedicated public servants and union members, I am very appreciative to have the support of Local 1505” said Giannino. “I will ensure that the 16th Suffolk District is represented by someone who believes passionately in putting the community first. With the help of Local 1505, we will go to all corners of the district and reach as many voters as possible before the September primary.”

Jessica began her career in politics as a City Councilor At-Large for the City of Revere in 2012. In that time, she has worked on countless issues that impact the daily lives of the citizens of Revere, as well as ordinances that will impact generations to follow. In 2013 her inclusive style and strong leadership qualities prompted her colleagues to elect her Vice President of the Council.  In 2016 and 2018, Jessica had the honor of serving as City Council President. During that time, she worked to ensure the agenda maintained a balance between protecting and growing the city’s economic base, without compromising the quality of city services to residents. Jessica believes it is her responsibility to ensure that Revere’s government is accountable to the people, financially responsible and forward thinking.

RAFT Program Rental Assistance

If anyone needs help paying rent, they may be eligible for financial assistance through the Massachusetts Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) program. RAFT has expanded its eligibility requirements to help people with COVID-19 related job losses or financial hardship. Some things to consider:

•Your immigration status does not matter. 

•You may be eligible for RAFT if you have not been, or will not be, able to pay rent, mortgage payments, or utilities due to COVID-19. 

•You must be in contact with your landlord or property manager (RAFT funds are paid to them). 

•If you are not on the lease, you can provide your landlord’s contact information to confirm that you are a tenant. 

•If you need help to cover your security deposit (for first or last month’s rent), you can specify the unit you plan to move into, even if you have not yet signed the lease. 

•You are not eligible if you are in an Emergency Assistance Shelter.

Households can receive up to $4,000 for a 12-month period. To check eligibility and for help with applications, call the Connect Hotline at 617-712-3487.

Calderon Ramos graduates from Saint Michael’s College

 Diego Calderon Ramos of Revere graduated May 10 from Saint Michael’s College with a Bachelor of Science in business administration.

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many among the 501 new graduates from the Class of 2020 joined in remotely from their homes in an hour-long prerecorded Virtual Commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 10 – energized by ebullient and uplifting live-chat and joined by several thousand graduates, families, faculty and staff online. The YouTube event that morning featured words of admiration, support and celebration from President Lorraine Sterritt, Vice President for Academic Affairs Jeffrey Trumbower, Dean of Faculty Tara Natarajan, student speakers, alumni and faculty. Nearly 3,000 people signed in to view the event at some point, with nearly 1,500 at one time at peak.

Saint Michael’s College, founded in the great Catholic intellectual tradition, which also recognizes the principles of social justice and compassion, is a selective, fully residential Catholic college in Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains. Our closely connected community delivers internationally-respected liberal arts and graduate education near Burlington, one of the country’s best college towns. To prepare for fulfilling careers and meaningful lives, young adults here grow intellectually, socially, and morally, learning to be responsible for themselves, each other and their world.

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