Love will Always Find A Way, Even in The Most Dire Times

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There was nothing to stop Elizabeth Torres and Patrick Neal from getting married last Tuesday afternoon, June 16th After all it was their license plate since their official
engagement two years ago, and the date marks their 7th anniversary together as a couple and no virus was going to stop their plans for a future together.

Seven years to the very day they met, Patrick Neal and Elizabeth “Liz” Torres were married. The event took place on Washington Street in Revere at the home of Liz’s God Mother Yolanda Napolitano. The original wedding was cancelled due to illness, and then to reschedule during our country’s most dire times was next to impossible. Thanks to their combined families resolve a small intimate ceremony was to take place on the day they chose, two years ago upon Patrick’s proposal on August 21, 2018. To ensure this date for both, their vehicle license plate bears the date as it’s registration.

Elizabeth and Patrick Neal are shown with the host and hostess of their wedding,
Liz’s God Mother Yolanda and Francisco Napolitano.

Patrick, a software engineer for a medical company and Liz, Director of Marketing for Zoom Info met on July, 16, 2013 and realized that they were meant for each other, and in August of 2018 their lives were to be joined by Liz’s acceptance of Patrick’s marriage proposal. The Reverend T. S. Deacon Economos of Danvers accepted the honors of marrying the couple in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. A small but dignified service was performed outside, with immediate family in attendance, while not the dream wedding that was planned, none the less a wedding, they both wanted. When asked about their decision of the wedding during such troubled times, Elizabeth stated, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain”, and that sums it up perfectly.

Elizabeth Torres arrives at 63 Washington Ave, home of her God Mother Yolanda Napolitano. Elizabeth is
greeted by her family and friends as the wedding is about to get underway. Accompanying the bride is her faithful pet, Allie.

So it came to pass, on a bright sunny afternoon, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, Elizabeth Torres became Elizabeth Neal and the world continued as it has for millions of years but with the addition of two very happy people starting a new life as one.

Patrick and Elizabeth Neal and Allie are shown with their newly joined families, from left, Uncle Charlie Monbourquette, mom Carol Mombourquette, parents Joel Torres and Rosalyn Pastrana Canenquez, Julie Torres, Xavier Canenquez, Sharon Torres and Reena Torres.

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