Councillor Guinasso Pays Tribute to His Friend, Ronald Jannino

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso said his friendship with Ronald Jannino went back several years.

“My wife and I became friends with Ron and his wife and during the course of it all, he’s best friends with Kenny Hill, so Kenny and his wife, Caroline, were friends of ours, so we socialized with everyone, Freddy and Grace Sannella, and that whole group,” said Guinasso.  “We just had a lot of fun, often touching lightly on politics.”

Guinasso said Mr. Jannino was the author of the rules and regulations of the Northeast Regional School Committee.

“He just did a lot of nice things for the community,” said Guinasso. “He played it low key, but when he was called upon, he rose to the occasion. He was well-versed in Northeast school matters.”

Guinasso said that he once recommended a candidate for admission to Northeast.

“The student wanted to pursue a career in the trades and Ron helped him through the process,” recalled Guinasso. “He is now enjoying a very successful career in the trades all because Ronnie helped him.”

 Guinasso further stated, “Ron was a great family man. But he also surrounded himself with some wonderful friends and that is also a sign and a tribute to what type of person he was.

“The City of Revere will miss him. We all pray for his family at this time. We hope nothing but the best for the future of his family and we know that Ron will be in heaven watching over everybody.”

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