Beloved Revere Police Retired K9 Walsh Passes Away

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It is with great sadness that we announce (Retired) Revere Police K9 Walsh peacefully passed away on Wednesday June 10th. His handler, Sgt. Mike Mason and his wife Katie were by his side. K9 Walsh served the Revere Police Department from August 2008 until December 2018.  K9 Walsh was trained and certified in explosive ordinance and gun detection as well as patrol operations. Throughout his career he constantly displayed the true traits of a “police dog”; intelligence, loyalty, and courage. K9 Walsh was instrumental in the recovery of firearms, ballistic evidence, physical evidence, and people in hiding.

Retired Police K9 Walsh

Although Walsh was trained in criminal apprehension and handler protection, he never once had to make a physical apprehension of anyone, which is one of he and Sgt. Mason’s proudest accomplishments. Not only had K9 Walsh never hurt anyone, in contrast he was able to prevent others from the potential of being hurt.

K9 Walsh was one of the several Bomb sniffing dogs from local agencies called in to assist the Boston Police K9 Unit in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing and events in Watertown Mass. K9 Walsh’s skills and abilities were instrumental in keeping people in the Commonwealth safe in the days and weeks that followed.

In everyday business, K9 Walsh served the Revere Police Department, the City of Revere, its residents and numerous surrounding communities.  Of all the assignments given to K9 Walsh, his favorites by far were his K9 demonstrations to thousands of school children of Revere. You could see the pride and happiness in K9 Walsh’s eyes every time he put on a demonstration not only in our schools, but at the RPD Citizen Police Academies, and National Night Out.  K9 Walsh loved to “show off” a little bit of what he could do and he truly enjoyed that.

Sgt. Mason, his handler, said “His physical strength and power, endurance, and keen olfactory senses coupled with his unquestionable desire to work was undoubtedly what made him so successful”. “As intense, fierce, and intimidating as he appeared, he was just the opposite at home with his family. He truly enjoyed retirement and finally was able to adjust to the much slower pace of life after some well-deserved pampering”.

 K9 Walsh enjoyed his later years being spoiled at home with his family and living out his life as a loving pet. Although, in an attempt to show his constant desire to return to work, he continually ran to the police car in the driveway and sat by the back door every time he was let out of the house! In his heart he truly wanted to work.

Rest in Peace K9 Walsh August 11, 2007-June 10, 2020.

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