A Match Made in Newsprint: Paul and Charlene DiPlatzi Celebrate their 30th Anniversary

Paul DiPlatzi proposed to Charlene Ferragamo in November, 1989, through a “Will You Marry Me?” ad in the Revere Journal.

Charlene’s response to Paul Angelo DiPlatzi: “Yes, I Will Marry You!!”

Note Charlene’s double exclamation points. She must have known that the next 30 years were going to be just grand.

Next week the Revere couple will celebrate its 30th  anniversary. They were married on June 30, 1990 at St. Anthony of Padua Church. The reception was held at the Nahant Country Club. They honeymooned at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Paul, 56, grew up on Warren Street and graduated from Northeast Regional. Charlene, 52, grew up on Cooledge Street and graduated from Revere High School. They met through Charlene’s sister, Christine Ferragamo. Yes, the Ferragamos are related to former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo.

“We used to go the movies and dinner once a week when we started dating,” recalled Charlene. “We started going out in 1983 and we got married in 1990. He asked my father [Christie Ferragamo] for my hand when I was 19. My parents [Constance Ferragamo was the mother] were all for Paul.”

The DiPlatzis are the proud parents of four children: Paul James, 29, a former outstanding athlete at Revere High who is a teacher at the Hill Elementary School and also a realtor; Victoria, 25, a teacher at the Kelly Elementary School in Chelsea; Alexis, 22, who is hotel manager at the Comfort Inn, Revere; and Gianna, a 2020 graduate of Northeast Regional who is a Certified Nursing Assistant and will be pursuing a nursing degree at Salem State University.

The DiPlatzis were regulars at RHS sporting events since Paul James was excelling in multiple sports. He was a running back and a defensive back for Lou Cicatelli’s Patriots while also handling all of the kicking duties. Paul James also held the school discus record.

What is the secret to the happiness of their 30 years together?

“It’s a team effort – you have to work as a team,” she said with a smile.

Paul has been a postal worker for the United States Postal Service for 26 years. Charlene has been a lunch mom in the Revere Public Schools for 17 years.

Paul DiPlatzi remembers the newspaper ad, the proposal, and the acceptance as if it were yesterday.

“When I asked her to marry me, I brought her to the August Moon,” said Paul. “I asked Charlene to look through the newspaper. All my friends kidded me about it because how were they going to top that for a marriage proposal?”

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