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RHS Tennis Coaches Reflect on Lost Season, Praise Their Seniors

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing the closure of schools across the state for the remainder of 2020, the Revere High athletic season also was canceled, taking away from the members of the senior class the opportunity to compete for the last time in a Patriot uniform.

The Journal invited the coaches and members of the Revere High spring sports teams from the Class of 2020 both to reflect on the season that so cruelly was taken away from them and to give these young athletes the recognition that they richly deserve.

This week, we feature the RHS boys and girls tennis teams 

Carla Maniscalco, RHS Girls Tennis Coach

Our three seniors, Ayat Zakaria, Oulaya Louaddi, and Mariya Emille Inocentes, have been essential members of the girls’ tennis team for the past few years.  From the moment they joined the team, it was clear that they had the desire and determination to learn as much as they could about tennis with the ultimate goal of helping the team in any way possible.

They epitomized what it means to be a team player from day one.  I have been fortunate for the past few years to see them grow as tennis players and young adults, and I was looking forward to being able to coach them for one more season.

It is always hard to see the seniors leave at the end of the season, but this year it is even more difficult because these last few months have been taken from us and the entire team.

I look forward to hearing about all the amazing things Ayat, Oulaya, and Mariya will surely accomplish in the future.  They will be greatly missed.  

Ayat Zakaria

Being an RHS athlete throughout high school has meant so much to me. I would never trade-in the experience for the world. I have learned and grown so much throughout the years, in many ways I never thought I would, through playing tennis. 

It has taught me discipline, concentration, confidence, adversity, and teamwork. I fell in love with the game of tennis and grew excited for every season, especially senior year. I have also made many life-long friends from it throughout the years.

Finding out that my senior year season was cancelled truly broke my heart. It was the year that I was looking toward and it all got taken away in the blink of an eye.

But that doesn’t mean that my love of tennis is gone. I will always continue to play and build up skills throughout my life — and I will always cherish the moments I had with my team and my incredible coach Maniscalco, who made me the player I am today. 

Mike Flynn, RHS Boys Tennis Coach

The lost Spring season has been extremely disappointing because I have all great scholar-athletes on the team, led by our seniors, Wellan Sok, Ergi Ismahili, Michael Marchese, Matthew Freitas, Jason Vu-Nguyen, and Christofer Pennacchio.

I was also disappointed not to have the opportunity to see the improvement of sophomore Ashton Huang, who is the most talented player we have had in my coaching tenure. 

I am also disappointed that I didn’t have the opportunity to work with our new players this spring.

Wellan Sok:  Wellan has been on the team since his freshman year and played second singles in 2019.  He has been one of my captains for the past two years and is someone that I have relied upon as a leader of the team the past. Wellan has given as much to the boys tennis program as any player I have had as a coach. Wellan is a top student and encompasses every quality you want in a student-athlete.

Ergi Ismahili:  Ergi is a three-year member of the tennis team and played first doubles in 2019 and would have played singles and doubles in 2020.  Ergi is one of the team leaders and would have been one of the captains of the 2020 team.  Ergi has improved greatly since his first year on the team and he took on a major role in creating tennis groups during the summers.  Ergo also is a top student and is a leader within the RHS community.

Michael Marchese:  Michael is a three-year member of the tennis team and played first doubles in 2019.  His athleticism and competitiveness led to his great improvement as a tennis player while on the team.  Michael would have been one of the captains of the 2020 team.  Michael is a top student in the senior class and is a leader in his class.

Jason Vu-Nguyen:  Jason is a two year player who played second doubles in the past and has filled in at other positions when needed. Jason’s team-first approached has helped win matches because he has the ability to play singles and doubles when necessary. Jason is an excellent student who is well-liked and respected by his peers.

Cristofer Pennacchio:  Cristofer is a two-year member of the team who has played doubles in the past. Cristofer continues to improve and enjoys helping the young players. Cristofer is a top student and is involved in many extracurricular activities at RHS.  He is a leader in the class and is extremely well-liked by his peers. 

Matthew Freitas:  Matthew is a three-year member of the team and played second Doubles in 2019.  Matthew has also played singles when needed and has won many important matches during his time on the team.  He is an excellent teammate who helps young players improve.  He is also en excellent student and leader in the senior class.

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