Guinasso Wants ‘Go Slow’ Signs Placed on Revere Street

The City Council approved a motion by President Arthur Guinasso that Mayor Brian Arrigo request the DPW to install “Go Slow” signs on Revere Street near the curve at St. Anthony’s Church.

 “This is one of most dangerous blind curves we have in this city,” Guinasso said. “We have had numerous accidents there and over this past week, a pedestrian was hit there.”

Councillor-at-Large Tony Zambuto suggested a flashing “Go Slow” sign as opposed to a regular “Go Slow” sign. “That is probably one of the worst intersections in the city,” said Zambuto.

Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky said the new streetlights in that area should be brighter (400-watt) than the streetlights in other parts of the city.”

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