Revere ACO Masiello Is Aware of Coyote Sightings in the City

Revere Animal Control Officer Anthony Masiello said he is aware that there have been recent coyote sightings in the city, but there has been no interaction with humans since the first sighting a decade ago.

Masiello said he has received complaints from residents on Cushman Avenue, High Street, Malden Street, and Ensign Street and there have also been sightings at the top of Reservoir Avenue, and on Ridge Road and Suffolk Avenue.

“More than likely, the coyotes live within the wooded area between High Street and Malden Street (behind the Lincoln School in a fenced-off area), but we have sightings from the Point of Pines Beach all the way to Washington Avenue,” said Masiello.

The animal control officer has been in contact with the State Environmental Police and was informed that the Revere Police Department cannot act on the coyote issue “unless there was either an attempt at an attack by the coyote either to a person or to their pet.”

Masiello said his warning to residents is, “if you own cats, do not let them out, especially in the evening hours. And any dog should be walked on a leash so the owner has control over their dog if there is a coyote sighting.”

Masiello noted that in the past couple of years that there has been an increase in reports of coyote sightings of adult coyotes with puppies.

“We’re patrolling city wide on a regular basis the areas that are most affected with these coyotes,” said Masiello. “Should a resident come across a coyote, it has been recommended that you yell and scream at the coyote and make yourself appear as big as possible in order to make the coyote aware that your pet is not a meal.”

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