Guest Op-Ed: We’re on to the Future

By Mayor Brian M. Arrigo

Winning an election is like being hired for a job:  It’s nice to know you’re wanted…and now it’s time to get to work. 

Unlike a regular job, though, the job that follows election as the City’s Mayor has one unique initial task, and that is to bridge the divide that naturally forms during a one-against-one political campaign. 

Over the last seven months, City Councilor Dan Rizzo and I set forth different views for the future of Revere in our lively campaigns for Mayor.  We both enjoyed the support of passionate backers who worked tirelessly toward victory.  As in any campaign, the dialogue and literature might have become fiery at times, but that is most often a function of excited enthusiasm for a candidate’s message.

While of course I am gratified that the voters returned me to the Mayor’s office and endorsed my ideas for city’s future, I am well aware of the many good intentions among those who did not vote for me.  Now, it is essential that we all join in singular pursuit of the one idea that is the source of everyone’s passion: progress and improvement in our city.

I don’t expect unanimous approval of every decision I make during the next four years.  But I promise that every one of those decisions will be guided by my heartfelt conviction in what I believe is best for the City of Revere.  Everyone–whether they voted for me or not–deserves to harvest the rewards that our City’s progress will produce.

Our city’s growth was a major topic of the Mayoral campaigns.  I see that growth as the catalyst to our future.  As future development grows out of vacant, unproductive properties, as new hotels open in our city, as Amazon matures into the City’s largest employer, and as the historic reformation of Suffolk Downs unfolds in the years to come, Revere will be situated like never before to seize opportunities that for too many years have passed us by.  Our location and our population always have made Revere a city with the potential for greatness.  Now, we have the chance to turn that potential into reality.

Will challenges accompany our growth?  Yes.  But we are resolute in our approach to address the consequences of growth.  Modern technology, a strong working relationship with our State and Federal delegations, and cooperative efforts with our commercial sector will assure the most effective remedies that minimize the effects of growth while we maximize its positive results.

This is the dawn of a new, vibrant Revere.  We are a diverse, welcoming city where families of all backgrounds can work and build a better life for themselves.  Growth translates to municipal prosperity, and that produces a higher quality of life for everyone.  In the next four years, I extend a welcome to every resident of Revere to join me along the path of prosperity.  We have made great strides, and we are far from done.

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