Dominic Reed Stands Tall in Revere’s Victory: Junior Lineman Makes Key Fumble Recovery

Dominic Reed stands 6-foot, 3 inches tall and is one of Revere’s biggest football players.

Reed probably felt like he was 10-feet tall as he accepted high-fives and hugs from his teammates when he returned to the sidelines after making a huge recovery of a Wayland fumble in the Division 4 North final Friday night at packed Harry Della Russo Stadium.

Reed pounced on the football for the most pivotal defensive play of his game. The junior’s contribution became magnified when running back Joe Llanos scored a touchdown on the very next play, eventually leading to a 42-35 victory over Wayland and a berth in the Division 4 North final Friday night against Melrose.

Reed, one of many unsung players who have helped Revere soar to a 9-0 record, talked about his defensive gem in an interview after the game.

How did he recognize the loose football and react so quickly?

“I was just there and had to react as quick as I could,” said Reed. “I just dove on it. And then we scored on the next possession. It was an awesome feeling.”

“Dominic’s play was huge and I think our onside kick recovery was also a difference maker,” said Revere Coach Lou Cicatelli.

Reed said he’s proud to be a member of a hard-working defensive unit.

“Our defense is awesome this year,” said Reed. “We work hard at practice, in the weight room, in film sessions. This is the best team. It’s an unbelievable feeling to be undefeated.”

Reed said senior captain Mazer Ali, defensive tackle Alaa Atoui, and defensive end Augusto Concalves have been outstanding on the defensive line all season.

Reed feels the coaches have prepared the defense well for each opponent.

“Our defensive coaches are awesome,” said Reed. “They’re always working hard and giving us handouts for the blitz packages.”

He is grateful to Cicatelli for giving him an opportunity to be a part of such a close-knit team and to be a contributor each week.

“Coach Cicatelli is an awesome coach and I say to him, ‘thank you for playing me’ – I love all our coaches and the players,” said Reed.

Having made the biggest play of his career versus Wayland, Reed said the team’s journey isn’t complete.

“We just have to keep working and we’re on to Melrose,” said Reed.

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