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Keefe Announces Re-Election Bid for Ward 4 Councillor

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe has announced his re-election bid; the following is his statement:

Hi, I am Patrick Keefe and I’ve have had the honor of being your Ward 4 City Councilor for the last 4 years. I’m a proud homeowner, live on Kilburn Street with my wife Jennifer and two school-aged children, Adrianna and Patrick. I’m also very proud of the many years I’ve spent coaching youth sports in the City, working with the children of our community and teaching them about team work and how to achieve the goals they set forth. Professionally, I am an operations director with a Boston-based restaurant company and oversee over 800 employees and 12 properties across New England.

Four years ago, I asked for your support and promised more engaged leadership while working collaboratively with the residents of Ward 4. Since being elected, I’ve held quarterly community meetings to provide updates to Ward 4 Residents and listen to the concerns they have—feedback that I take directly to the City Council.

Some of the initiatives I’ve brought to the table include improved roadwork and pothole repair; more directed patrols at Harry Della Russo Stadium; safer streets in our neighborhoods; first of Revere’s many speed readers on our streets, and most recently, being a driving voice of the new, comprehensive citywide parking program.

My family is very proud of being actively involved in our cities many youth organizations as I believe we can positively impact the young men and women of Revere as they are truly the future of our city.

I have also been very active in fighting the cities opiod epidemic as a SUDI task force member, and delivering the message to our at risk youth. Most recently I have lead the charge to eliminate the sales of Recreational Marijuana in Revere, we simply don’t need it in our city. 

I work as the Chair of the Legislative Affairs Subcommittee and am proud to be involved in creating policy that positively impacts the residents of our city and will position our city for long term success.

I am also proud of my track record for voting on positive projects in our community that will help ensure Revere thrives for generations to come.

Specifically, approval of four new hotels and the future development of the NECCO location, which will be 100% commercial use and the future of innovations in life sciences.  This growth in our local economy will provide good living wages for Revere residents while allowing us to improve our local infrastructure at sometimes no cost.  These types of projects can happen with the right leadership.

Lastly I am proud of how I represent each and every resident of Revere with a positive attitude and do not feed into the constant spread of bad information and or create a poor image of our great city.  Revere’s future will be what we make of it, not how we stand out individually but how we stand together.

I am humbly asking for your continued support as your Ward 4 City Councilor. 

Thanks you.

Patrick Keefe

City Council Vice President

Novoselsky Will Seek Re-Election as Ward 2 Councillor

My name is Ira Novoselsky and I am a candidate for re-election as the Ward Two City Councillor.

During the last 17 years, I have continued to work to make our area a better place to live.  I had Stop signs installed on Shirley Ave. next to Costa Park for the protection of our children and residents. 

Many streets and sidewalks in Ward Two are now on the reconstruction list after many years of neglect.  Over 27 Streets have been repaved.  Through my efforts with MDOT and Safe Routes, we have upgraded sidewalks and handicap ramps on streets and sidewalks leading through our neighborhood and around the Garfield School.

Your streets are continuously swept, old trees are being trimmed and removed and new trees have been planted on many of our streets.  Future goals include additional trees on many more streets.  In other areas of the Ward, plans are in process to upgrade Curtis Park next spring, repair and replace the public stairs off Campbell Ave. and Hillside Avenue  and the upgrading of storefronts and signs on Shirley Ave.  Sidewalk and street work is scheduled for the late spring of 2020.   I am proud to have sponsored National Night Out at Curtis Park for the past 16 years and to have decorated Shirley Ave. and Costa Park for the Christmas holiday.  Other plans for the neighborhoods will include grant funds from Massworks for a new park and passage way to Wonderland Plaza at the dead end of Walnut Ave. along Kimball Ave. and the renovation of Flaherty Park, Sandler Square and Fitzhenry Square Park.

My work with local civic organizations over the years has been rewarding and very fulfilling and I am proud to continue my affiliations with these hard working groups.  I have been honored by the Revere Elks, The Neighborhood Developers, WEE, The Revere Chamber of Commerce, and the Jewish War Veterans as the Man of the Year.  This year I was proud to work with a private developer to bring 30 housing units for Veterans only to Shirley Ave.

I was born in Ward 2, I grew up in Ward 2, and I have raised my family in Ward 2.  As you can see, my heart and soul belongs to Ward 2 and the City of Revere.  As a City Councillor, my number one priority is the welfare of Revere and its’ residents.

I retired from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after 33 years and from the Massachusetts National Guard and Army Reserves  after 27 years of military service.  I am married to Rochelle (Gaber).  We have one son, Seth, who is married to Jeannemarie (Mancuso), and two grandchildren, Olivia Rose who graduated from Revere High and Charleigh Jaye, who attends Revere Public Schools.   

I thank you for your time, and ask for your vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, 2019.  If  I can be of any assistance or answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 781-289-7031 or at [email protected]

Together we will continue to make Ward 2 a better place to live.

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