Requests for New Addition to Dentist’s Office Headed to Zoning Sub-Committee

The City Council has referred Dr. Christopher Page’s request to expand his Central Avenue dental offices to the Council’s zoning sub-committee for further review at its Oct. 7 meeting.

David Jaquith, architect for the project, told the Council that plans are to expand the current structure with a new 20-by-30-foot addition on the first floor of the property located at 26 Central Ave. The expansion is necessary for the addition of three new dental chairs and equipment in the offices.

Michael Tucker, an Ellerton Street resident, spoke in favor of the expansion.

“I am definitely in favor of this,” said Tucker. “This is a business that has been here for almost 40 years. The design I’ve looked at, the layout is very good. They’re keeping the 12 parking spaces in the back. This is no problem.”

Wayne Rose said the dentist “has a great business now. He’s just looking to put some more equipment in his building. It’s also handicapped accessible. I think it’s great project.”

Neighbors expressed concerns about the additional traffic and parking-space issues that the expansion might create.

A resident of Central Avenue said, “My major concern is the increase in traffic and parking that Dr. Page’s practice [Page Family Dental] will bring to that end of Central Avenue and Broadway. The increase of traffic and congestion in Revere over the last few years is undeniable. My other concern is having a commercial building in my backyard. Central Avenue is a residential area and I would love to keep it that way.”

Victoria DeCicco, a Central Avenue resident, said, “I want to raise some of the same concerns that the previous speaker did. It’s mostly about the parking and the traffic concerns that we have.”

DeCicco said many of Dr. Page’s patients choose to park on Central Avenue instead of the parking spaces provided behind the dentist’s offices.

  Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe requested that the residents and Dr. Page “figure out if it’s going to better or worse for the neighborhood. If you make it better for the neighborhood, then I think the neighbors will be happy about that.”

Keefe said the Zoning Sub-Committee would be less likely to view the project favorably if the neighbors were not on board with the plans for expansion.

Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo commended the Central Avenue residents for coming to the Council meeting to speak about their concerns about the project.

“This is a great example of a neighborhood standing up for themselves,” said Rizzo. “It’s great for you to be up here voicing your concerns, voicing your opinions because that’s how you get the attention of the people who actually vote on these projects. You should be applauded for standing up for your neighborhood.”

Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto, chair of the Zoning Sub-Committee, assured the residents that the matter will be on the agenda at the next sub-committee meeting (Oct. 7). Zambuto suggested that the proponents and the neighbors “get together at an informal meeting, and maybe they can work out the issues” before the Oct. 7 sub-committee meeting.

Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito requested that City Clerk Ashley Melnik inform all abutters of the property about the Oct. 7 meeting “so they can make plans to attend.”

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