Giannino Tops Ticket for At-Large Candidates

Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino again showed strength at the ballot box across the entire city on her way to an impressive first-place in the Preliminary Election Tuesday.

Giannino topped the ticket in the 13-candidate field with 2,012 votes.

Jessica Giannino shown with grandmother, Joann, father Chris, and friends.

Nine other candidates, including the three other incumbent councillors-at-large – Steven Morabito, George Rotondo, and Anthony Zambuto – joined Giannino as nominees for the general election in November. The incumbents fared very well in the election, finishing in the three successive spots behind the pacesetting Giannino.

Morabito was second with 1,556 votes, Rotondo was third with 1,446 votes, while Zambuto took fourth with 1,354 votes.

School Committee member Gerry Visconti had an excellent showing, taking fifth overall with 1,333 votes.

The other five qualifiers for the November election taking spots 6-10 in the race were John Correggio (984) Brian Vesce (970), Dimple Rana (955), Wayne Rose (778), and Robert Capoccia (722).

Candidates Philip Russo (522), Kevin Sanchez (423), and Richard Ireton (419) were eliminated in the election.

Giannino, 28, who has been a force in each of her past elections, said she was grateful for the citywide display of support she received in Tuesday’s election.

“I’m incredibly grateful to the residents of Revere,” said Giannino. “I attribute it to the hard work of my family and all of my supporters, because at the end of the day, I couldn’t do it without the people that support me, my grandmother, my father, and my committee that’s there for me day in and day out.”

Despite being a consistent ticket-topper in her political career, Giannino did not rest on her past triumphs, waging a highly visible campaign and meeting frequently with voters.

“We have been going all out,” said Giannino. “We don’t take anything for granted and we work really, really hard every election. I’m so looking forward to the general election and I hope we get a really strong turnout and get a lot of involvement because it’s a great opportunity for the people of the city to get out there and be part of the community.”

Giannino is seeking her fifth term on the City Council after winning her first election while she was still a student at Salem State University.

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