Letter to the Editor

BAC Local 3 Endorses Correggio

Dear Editor,

The BAC Local 3 offices have endorsed the candidacy of John Correggio for the Revere City Council at Large.

John Correggio is a long time friend of BAC Local 3. He firmly believes and shares in our union values and backs them up with actions. Throughout his adult life, he has relentlessly supported workers in t heir quest to provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

He is a staunch advocate of the prevailing wage law and union only project labor agreements on construction projects. Over the years his efforts have produced numerous hours of work for Local 3 members, something which has been lacking under the present Mayor and City Council.

John Correggio has always supported us and now is the time for us to sup port him.

We strongly urge you, your family and friends to vote for John Correggio for the Revere City Council – At Large, on primary election day, Tuesday, September 10th.

Thank you for your consideration,

Fraternally yours,

Charles Raso


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