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Nella To The Rescue

Dear Editor,

This past week my family and I, along with my in-laws’ extended family went on vacation to Aruba.

The thing that caught my eye, after the beauty of the island and that of the house where we were staying, was the number of dogs that were roaming the streets of the neighborhood.

My daughters befriended a dog that lived a couple doors away. He didn’t look like he was suffering from malnutrition, but it was obvious he needed medical attention. The owner claimed he kept running away.

My daughters gave him water to drink and food to eat. Alie, my youngest, kept a vigil eye on him.

With tears in her eyes, Nella, my middle daughter and animal lover, called the authorities for assistance, unfortunately there was nothing they could do to help, since the dog had a collar, meaning he had an owner.

One evening, she comes into the house announcing that we would be taking home two kittens from a local shelter.

She later explained that while online, searching for shelters and animal rescue places she had made a connection with a lady from the animal rescue agency, Sargent Pepper.

During their conversation, the person from the shelter found out Nella was from the Boston area and asked her if she would be willing to help by bringing two kittens back to Boston, with all the necessary documents and the agency would be paying for their expenses. She would be met at Logan by the awaiting adopting family. Nella couldn’t refuse and accepted the challenge. She was very excited about the idea.

On the day we were leaving Aruba, at the Queen Beatrix International Airport, we met a young young lady with two beautiful kittens, in separate carry-ons, awaiting to go for a trip yo Boston. A few tears of joy, were shed, because the kittens had a new home to go but also some of sadness because she had cared for them since they were tiny and now had to say goodbye to them. She explained the kittens were sedated, to help them through the trip. Nella took one and Nicolina, my older daughter, took the other. On the plane, if not for a few minor meows, they had a smooth flight.

At Logan there was an anxious woman, holding a sign, who greeted us with a smile from ear to ear. She and her husband thanked Nella and the rest of the family, over and over again for bringing Butterscotch and Pebbles home to them. They had been waiting for over a year. It was as if a new born baby had just come home from the hospital.

Watching the joy and excitement that couple was expressing made me so proud of what my big hearted Nella, with help from her sisters Nicolina and Alie had accomplished.

I don’t believe this is the last time this event will take place.

From a proud Dad.

Giovanni Leone

Supports Correggio

The following letter was received from the Greater Boston Labor Council in support of John Correggio who is running for Councillor at Large.

Dear John,

The Greater Boston Labor Council is pleased to announce we have endorsed your re-election campaign for Revere City Council At-Large. The decision was made at our endorsement meeting held on August 6th at IBEW Local 103.

We appreciate your support and advocacy for the working families of Revere and look forward to supporting your campaign.

Richard M. Rogers

Executive Secretary-Treasurer

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