Revere Police Are Investigating Aug. 2 Shooting Incident

The Revere Police Department is continuing its investigation in to an Aug. 2 incident on North Shore Road (Route 1A southbound) in which a 34-year-old man was shot while driving in Friday’s rush hour traffic.

“We’re still investigating whether it was a road rage incident or some other sort of an incident,” said Chief James Guido. “It’s going to take some time to gather all of the information. The detectives are working on it.”

Guido said the vehicle (which was allegedly hit by at least two shots) had an out-of-state license plate. The gunfire came from another vehicle that had apparently pulled up adjacent to the first vehicle. The number of individuals in the second vehicle has not been released.

“They were traveling through the city,” said Guido. “I want to express as best I can that the city is safe. Over the weekend, these were isolated incidents and the city does not have a crime problem. The officers are proactive at all times. We have been very successful in holding the crime rate down. The incidents that we’ve had, we’ve solved them. The detectives have done an outstanding job.”

According to the State Police, the 34-year-old man was a resident from out of state. The individual was transported to Mass. General Hospital where he was in critical condition Friday. There has been no further update on his condition.

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