RBC Recognizes Friendly Gardens Apartments

Most people think that individual homes are the only ones eligible for the Revere Beautification Committee’s “Beautiful Home” award.  This is untrue as evidenced by the recipient of this month’s award.

The RBC recently selected the Friendly Garden complex on Revere Street as a recipient of this honor.  As in many instances around the city, there is not a large amount of land available for planting at this site.  The residents of the Friendly Gardens didn’t let that stop them.  They took things into their hands and landscaped their property creating a lovely effect.

As one drives into the property, the driveway is full of color on both sides.  On the left side of the drive there are plantings chock full of red, white and purple colored flowers.  Some are around trees while others border the rounded edges of the grass creating a lively impression. 

This effect is duplicated on the right side of the driveway.  The multi-colored flowers of petunias and begonias flank the entrance to the building.  This effect is continued down the drive to the Revere Street entrance and around the building along Revere Street.  Added to the petunias and begonias are hostas, evergreen bushes, rose bushes and sedum.  All available space is filled with lovely color!  In addition, there are two decorative benches on the sidewalk into the building creating a welcoming effect. 

The original work was done by Mike’s Landscaping of Malden but the daily work is being done by a group of the residents of the complex.  Residents Stacy Ventola and Maryann Irwin perform the daily work to keep the property looking so lovely and George Salerno helps with all of the holiday decorations.  This team effort has produced a beautiful product. 

This is truly a labor of love for the Friendly Garden Team as evidenced by their statement that “We have a passion for working on the landscaping.  It’s very rewarding when members comment on how beautiful the grounds look each season.  Some of the members who are unable to leave their apartment tell us that they smile when they look out their window and see all the beautiful flowers.”

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) congratulates the members of the Friendly Gardens team and encourage other apartment/condominium complexes to emulate them by beautifying their property.

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