Letters to the Editor

Ward 4 Community Meetings

Dear Editor,

Councilor Patrick Keefe is pleased to announce continued Ward 4 Community Meetings.

Our committee is focused on continuing to bring city hall to the residents and have their concerns heard, As always direct communication and collaboration works best.  I think the ability to meet with residents face to face will not only give them the opportunity to be heard but also bring the community even closer together and give everyone a form of inclusion.  I am happy to announce that Saturday Aug. 17,, at 11am will be our committee’s third quarter community meeting at Luberto’s Bakery on Broadway. We look forward to seeing everyone for an informative gathering.

Patrick Keefe

Ward 4 City Councillor

Dental Office Thanks Firefighters

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank Chief Bright and his amazing firefighters who battled the recent fire at the Bagel Bin Deli.    Our office is located next door at One Orr Square.  Although we sustained smoke and water damage, your firefighters were able to save our business and building.   We will be forever grateful to these amazing first responders.

We would also like to give special recognition to Deputy Chief Glenn Rich.  Deputy Rich was calm under the most stressful conditions, and helped us remain calm and deal with the deluge of water that came into our building from the water used to fight the fire. 

You should be so proud of each and every one of these amazing people.  They are true heroes. 

Boschetti Dental

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