Ireton Announces Candidacy for Councillor-at-Large

Richard Ireton has announced his candidacy for Councillor-at-Large.  The following is his statement:

“For the last 30 years I’ve worked in the technology field building business platforms for organizations such as Dell, Safari, Vertex and my current position with IBM.  My career in technology has been a passion.  I have also been very much involved in local government here in Revere. 

Over the last decade I’ve watched as Revere has grown significantly.  Some good and some very questionable.  While I’m not alone with this, I’m very concerned with the escalating residential development.  Particularly, Multi-unit apartment buildings; the Shaw’s project, Overlook Ridge, and now, the proposed development at Suffolk Downs.  As these projects come online the impact on Revere, in my opinion, is significant.  From increased traffic to a serious burden on city services, to increased tax rates to the Revere ratepayers.  That’s why I support controlled development.

I understand that progress is necessary.  I understand that for a community to grow it needs these types of projects, but it seems that lately all we are seeing is a high increase of multi-unit residential dwellings without any consideration to how these projects are negatively impacting our city.

For example, to support these projects we need to be sure we’re focused on our infrastructure.  To aimlessly build multi-unit residential buildings without thinking about everything that supports them is not a very good plan.  Recently there’s been talk about either building of renovating the Point of Pines fire station.  There’s also been talk about a new DPW facility.  But that’s all it’s been is talk.  These are the projects that need to be done in advance of building all these apartment buildings. 

I’m not sure how many folks have had the opportunity to see the current DPW facility, but to put it plainly, the facility is deplorable.  We expect the folks at the DPW to do their job, but we don’t give them what’s needed to actually do the job they’re responsible for.  This building is not only structurally unfit, but I believe it’s a health hazard to the workers there.  I think one of the first things I would ask for is to have OSHA come in and give their opinion as to what the safety and health hazards are with the building.  I’m not sure how many people remember but this is what the city had to do to get the new police station.  So, while I hesitate at a complete moratorium on growing our city, I would support suspending any future development until we address our less than adequate infrastructure.  Once these public safety concerns are met then we can look at how to move forward with development.

These are just a few reasons why I announced my candidacy for Councillor at-Large.  I feel we need new vision and new thoughts.  Thank you for considering me as one of your five votes for councilor at large. 

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