Vincenzo’s Cold Brew : The Coffee Milkman

By Sydney Ciano

Vincenzo DeGregorio has a passion for coffee.

And now he wants to share his creation with others through his business Vincenzo’s Cold Brew in Revere.

A Revere resident, Vincenzo as a high school student began selling coffee to his friends and teachers, then started taking coffee seriously as he entered college. He began figuring out his direction with the business.

He first learned about coffee and starting up a business from his uncle, who owns a shop in the North End. His family’s influence played a great role in Vincenzo’s business life, including his major in entrepreneurship at Babson College.

It was also his family who introduced him to cold brew when a cousin made it for him once: “I thought it was much better than iced coffee,” he said. Wondering why companies have not yet targeted this type of emerging coffee market, he began experimenting with the coffee brew process to find the perfect formula for his cold brew craft.

“I just realized that I created something that people wanted . . .” he commented on his beginning steps into the coffee business.

Cold brew, the coffee his business specializes in, is considered a brewing process. Using a unique filtration process, his coffee is brewed for about 24 hours.

“You let coffee steep over a period of time. Most companies do . . . six to twelve hours. I do twenty-four . . . I use a unique filtration process which is why I call it craft cold brew,” he explained. The coffee itself is described to taste cleaner and smoother because of this long period of filtration.

Vincenzo emphasizes “the purity of the product” as well as the luxury of it. While other chains are accessible in multiple locations, Vincenzo’s Cold Brew is self-made and not available to areas outside of Boston. However, it is still as easily accessible without having to wait in the drive-thru.

“We call ourselves . . . the coffee milkman,” as Vincenzo explained of his delivery process. Every Sunday, he and his team deliver glass bottles of his craft product to people’s doorsteps. By the next Sunday at noon, the customers put their bottles out to be replaced with their new order. On the website,, you can sign up for a weekly coffee subscription to either your house or office. Vincenzo offers three different sizes for your convenience: Coffee Drinker (32oz), Coffee Lover (64oz), and Coffee Connoisseur (128oz). Alongside this special delivery process, the cold brew coffee is entirely fresh; free of chemicals and preservatives.

There are a wide range of flavors, from the original to their best-selling, Jamaican Me Crazy which is a blend of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. Other flavors include Blueberry Dream and French Vanilla. Vincenzo is also working on seasonal flavors such as Cinnamon Sticky Bun and Banana Hazelnut, as well as authentic ones like Hawaiian Kona.

To reach a larger consumer audience for their cold brew, Vincenzo hopes to expand his business to ship nationwide. Most coffee chains have not figured out this kind of shipment, which he wants to use as a “premium, cold brew delivery service to your house”.

As for Vincenzo himself, coffee “will always be a hobby/passion project”. However, he sees the business forming micro-breweries nationwide with local shipping stations to preserve the freshness of the cold brew.

His ultimate goal is to “reshape the coffee culture”, raising the standards for coffee from chain to craft.

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