From the Fire Captain : Team Work and Tactics Played a Large Role in Containing Bagel Bin Fire

On July 29, at approximately 11:38 p.m. the Revere Fire Department responded with a box response for a report of a smoke coming from the Bagel Bin and the alarms were going off.  The initial response included the Command vehicle, 4 Revere pumps, and two Revere ladder trucks.  The Bagel Bin was a well known breakfast and gathering spot in the City for many years.  The single story restaurant with a basement was the equivalent of two store fronts, each with large commercial glass windows and a glass door.  These, as well as the door in the rear, were protected by heavy duty steel roll down grates and locks. 

Deputy Chief Tom Todisco, the Incident Command, stated on arrival heavy black smoke was pushing out from the Grates and visibility in the street was near zero.  The Fire companies immediately went to work; Ladder 1 cut the locks, raised the grates and took out the windows to gain access.  Engine 1 and 5 made an initial attack with hoselines through the front doors with heavy black smoke now billowing from the openings.  The rear of the building was opened and the interior fire started to show itself. A second alarm was struck bringing an additional response made up of outside companies from surrounding cities and towns.

Ladder 1, stick up, had an aerial view of the roof and through the use of the thermal imaging camera realized the roof was being compromised.  Deputy Todisco knowing the impending risk of collapse ordered all companies out and switched to a defensive, exterior attack. The Chief of the Department arrived along with supporting Deputies, Fire Investigation and Safety. 

At one point 3 ladder pipes and multiple handlines were being used to drown the building with copious amounts of water. The partially collapsed roof made it difficult to reach the hidden pockets of fire adding to difficulty of extinguishment.  The fire was contained to the building of origin but it was estimated to be a total loss. 

The third and fourth alarms were stuck to bring additional manpower due to the extreme heat and working conditions.  The Fire Investigation unit was on scene to investigate the cause.  The Building, Water and Health departments along with National Grid electric and gas were notified to respond.  

In all Engine and Ladder Co.’s from Revere, Chelsea, Malden, Massport, Lynn, Everett, Boston, Saugus and Cambridge responded to the 4-alarm fire.  There were no reported injuries and the incident was closed at approximately 7:36 am pending investigation.

Captain Robert Fortuna PIO

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