Council Approves New Point of Pines Fire Station

The Revere City Council Monday night unanimously approved a $9.2 million bond authorization to demolish and build a new Alden Mills-Point of Pines fire station on the site of the old fire station that had been closed for more than two decades.

Following the 11-0 vote, the residents in the audience and the councillors rose together in a standing ovation.

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers had made the re-opening of the Point of Pines fire station a high priority during his tenure in office. He was especially pleased to see the Council affirm his hard work and persistence on the issue.

“I’m very pleased that this project will move forward and give the residents of the Pines, Oak Island, Revere Beach Boulevard, and the entire city the highest level of public safety,” said Powers. “I want to thank Mayor Brian Arrigo, Chief Christopher Bright and my colleagues on the City Council for their 100 percent support and making this a reality.”

Fire Chief Christopher Bright was pleased with the Council’s unanimous support of the new fire station project.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the support of the mayor, Councillor Powers, who has been relentless over the years, my membership, the public, and the entire Council,” said Bright. “It’s very gratifying.”

 Prior to the vote, Mayor Brian Arrigo, Director of Finance George Anzuoni, and Point of Pines residents Ann Straccia, Eric Lampedecchio, Hugo Rizzuto, and Carol Haney expressed their support for the project, asking the Council to vote favorably for the new fire station.

“I’m here to support Councillors Powers on voting tonight for the fire station,” said Straccia.

Straccia told the Council a story about an Aug. 28, 2018 incident at her home that resulted in her being transported to the hospital for emergency medical care.

“If it wasn’t for the fire truck being there, I wouldn’t be here talking to you,” said Straccia. “I’m glad I can tell my story, but we really do need another fire station. I thank Councillor Powers for all the work he’s done. All the tragedies he’s had, and he’s still fighting for that station for us. I thank him very much and I hope everyone else will, too.”

Haney thanked Councillor Powers for “all the work that he has done to get us a fire station down in the Point of Pines.”

“If you saw the traffic last week alone, you realize we are in desperate need for a fire station and I urge you all to vote positively,” said Haney.

Arrigo said, “This fire station has been a priority for the city since I took office, in terms of modernizing and making sure that we’re providing the best services to our residents like Ann,” said Arrigo. “We are investing in our community and we’re looking forward and this is just another step that the Council, I hope, will take tonight.”

Councillor-at-Large George Rotondo said many have sought a new Point of Pines fire station.

“This is something that we all, at one time or another, have fought for,” said Rotondo.

The other councillors joined Rotondo, a medical care professional, in voicing their support for the fire station, a stand they affirmed with their unanimous vote.

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