Broadway Gets a New Look

By the end of this week the entire length of Broadway will be crisply restriped for motorists.

According to Paul Argenzio, head of the Department of Public Works, the striping started at the Chelsea line.

Under the direction of a DPW worker, Highway Safety Systems is the company providing the work.

“We’re using an epoxy paint that is more reflective and lasts longer that the paint used last year,” Argenzio said, adding the rainy weather held up the work for some time.

Crews work from 10 p.m. at night to 6 a.m. in the morning, laying down driving lanes. Argenzio worked with project manager Julie DeMauro to pull the $30,000 project together. This still leaves approximately $132,000 to cover the remaining areas of City to be painted, roughly another eight miles.

“The center line was painted last week (on Broadway),” Argenzio said.

After Broadway paint crews will move to the school zones.

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