Reports of Active Shooter at Revere High Were False

Last week parents were shaken to the core as reports of an active shooter at Revere High School (RHS) began trickling around the city.

However, the report was false and despite a swift and large response by Revere Police Department (RPD) there was no shooter and no students or staff members were ever in harm’s way during last week’s incident.

“At approximately 2:30 p.m. (on Wednesday, May 22) Revere Police received a report that Revere High School was in lockdown due to a potential active shooter situation,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Josh Vadala.  “School Resource Officers assigned to RHS and school administrators immediately notified Revere Police that there was no lockdown and no active shooter situation.”

Vadala said out of an abundance of precaution, Revere Police responded to conduct a full investigation. 

“Revere Public Schools is currently working collaboratively with RPD during their investigation,” said Vadala. 

As a result, there was an increased police presence at RHS for the remainder of last week.

While Revere School Superintendent Dianne Kelly wouldn’t go into specifics about the school’s protocol during these situations in order to keep that information confidential, she did praise the work of RPD and responding officers.

Kelly said she remains very happy with the close relationship between the school and police department. Last week’s incident, said Kelly, was a testament to the police’s commitment to protecting all of Revere’s students from harm.

“Even though it turned out to be nothing they did a terrific job last week,” she said. “They should be commended for their continued support of Revere Public Schools.”

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