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Not Yours to Do with as You Wish

Dear Editor,

In response to Mayor Arrigo’s letter promoting his rigorous defense and application of the notion of the redistribution and confiscation of wealth, in his March 15/19 letter entitled “Free cash.”

Evidently, an over-payment of $1.2 million dollars was not quietly returned to the taxpayers as is done in any civilized exchange. Do public officials not recognize the depth of cynicism and damage this scourge of a notion causes? An ideology is corrupt when it says to a sports team of youngsters, “Your effort at self-reliance, bake-sales, house painting, etc. is ‘meager’” — and never enough – and you are entitled to monies that belong to the people that overpaid what they were told the budget would be!

I was shocked, I had to read it twice! Also,, why would the mayor think that adding staff would be a good thing? In this climate of historic low unemployment, why would any mayor think it’s reasonable to condemn a young person to a dubious ‘make-work-plan?’ Was there any thought put into the fact that us, just us folks, can spend OUR own “free money” for schooling or much needed tutoring toward meaningful work that fits OUR unique needs?

I want what I overpaid. I don’t care if it’s one dollar – although we know it’s much more. (Do the math= 60,000 residents ÷ 15% pay taxes= divide that into 11.2 million dollars – not to mention previous years of over-payments in the millions, not returned!) Neither the City Council nor the mayor has the right or the intimate knowledge of our INDIVIDUAL lives to make correct determinations as to how we spend our hard earned lucre $$.

It still says “IN GOD WE TRUST” on all our legal tender – there are no asterisks, quotation marks or other hidden meanings that folks are just too ignorant to grasp. Also, it says “e pluribus unum,” meaning “out of many, one.” This says that we are all in this together. The idea of redistribution of wealth in any form cannot ever be a positive for the mayor, for his loved ones, for my grandchildren or other living things. Confiscation and redistribution of wealth is as evil as any racism in history, with the same evil outcome: diving folks against each other – is this what is being held up as a virtue?

If it still says IN GOD WE TRUST on the mayor’s money too, then I expect him to trust the rightful owners of that wealth and protect it from those who would promote an underserving excuse for theft.

Brendan McHugh

Making Revere a More Welcoming Community

Dear Editor,

Revere’s community is so diverse and we need a common space where families find support by getting access to resources, getting educated, and create community.  We need to put our effort together, regardless our origin, generation, or cultural group, to make of Revere a more welcoming city to families.

As a Revere resident and PLTI member, I invite my neighbors to search and know about the resources our city has in order to have better opportunities for our families. In my own research, I have discovered many nonprofit organizations with great mission and vision such WEE, CAPI, TND, Revere Park and Recreation, among others.  As our Mayor said in the state of the city speech: “we are not done.”

I am currently working on a community project for my PLTI class. The purpose of the project is to suggest improvements for our community. Through my project “Revere Center for the Families (RCF),” I want to advocate for a place where all families resources are together and support families to thrive, as well create inclusive activities in alliance with Revere Public Schools that cover our families’ need, such educative workshop for parents which address the current issues affecting our children, for example, how to support them academically and emotionally and how to respond to social crisis.  I am asking Revere residents, nonprofit organizations, and city representatives to support the RCF project to become a reality and work together to continue our progress and strive to make Revere a better place to live.


Erika Jimenez

Revere Parent Leader

Ward 4 Community Meetings

Dear Editor,

Councilor Patrick Keefe is pleased to announce continued ward 4 Community Meetings.

Our committee is focused on continuing to bring city hall to the residents and have their concerns heard, As always direct communication and collaboration works best.  I think the ability to meet with residents face to face will not only give them the opportunity to be heard but also bring the community even closer together and give everyone a form of inclusion.  I am happy to announce that Saturday April 6th, at 4:00pm will be our committee’s 2nd quarter community meeting at Luberto’s Bakery on Broadway. We look forward to seeing everyone for an informative gathering.


Patrick Keefe

Ward 4 City Councillor

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