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More tax, What’s up with that?

Dear Editor,

As I sit and read todays Revere Journal, March 20 edition, an article of Airbnb, I wonder why our leaders want to levy more tax on the home owner.  Private property pays a healthy real estate tax already.  If the property in question is not in arrears of that tax, doesn’t have any safety violations or any outstanding municipal liens, why then should the city be due anymore?

As I read the article I realize Mr. Betterman not only runs a premier location for his guest but also encourages places of dining which brings additional commerce to local establishments. Isn’t this what neighbors do for their neighborhoods?

As a real estate agent for the last 25 years I wholeheartedly agree that the units being used for Airbnb should be inspected by the city inspectors for safety purposes and the home owner should pay the city for the services.  It’s just like when an apartment is being rented, a certificate of occupancy is required.  The city doesn’t tax the property owner on the rental amount, why then should an Airbnb used property be any different?


Maureen Celata

Agrees with Editorial on Climate Change

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your timely editorial (“Another Side of Climate Change”) pointing out the   rapidly advancing effects of climate change across the nation.

Gov. Baker and our Legislature have taken a moderate, incremental approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Usually, this style is a good political strategy, and often a useful one in attempting change.  But nature plays by different rules.  We now need a bold drive towards greenhouse gas reduction, not just a slow down-ratcheting.  It may be expensive, but not as expensive as climate change.

Massachusetts is well situated to lead the nation on this issue, with our strong economy, our technology resources, and our relatively enlightened population.  Now we just need leaders who will make it happen.

Susan Donaldson, MD

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