The Revere Journals 2018 Persons of the Year:Fire Chief Christopher Bright is Man of the Year

Fire Chief Christopher Bright never expected that he would become a firefighter, but today he’s glad he did.

Actually, becoming a firefighter was in his blood, not just because his father Paul Bright Sr. but because Chris Bright has it within him to put others first.

“My father always engrained in me that he had a love for his job and helping people,” Chris Bright said. “It influenced me.”

Growing up in Revere, Chris Bright, a graduate of Suffolk University and a graduate of New England School of Law, was always one who showed his compassion by helping other people. One of his greatest acts of compassion was when he rescued his uncle from the burning family home a couple years ago.

He’s also known for going out of his way for others, something he has done all his life. He helps strangers without batting an eye. Whatever is needed, he is there. But he’s also a diversified person and fun.

While he’d rather be in the shadows instead of the limelight, Chris Bright is more than worthy to be Revere’s Man of the Year for 2018.

A sign in his office says, “Keep Calm and Carry On” and that exactly what Chris Bright does.

He became a firefighter in February 1986 at the age of 25 today at the age of 57 he still is passionate about the department he leads. This year some of the larger fires that the Revere Fire Department  battled were at Sozio’s on Squire Road and the fire at 10 Franklin.

“We do our best to get the job done as a department,” said  Bright, who became chief in June of 2016.

“I never thought I’d be chief, I just wanted to be the best firefighter I could,” said Chris Bright, who thanks his parents for his calm and cool demeanor. “Just live your life and treat people the way you want to be treated. It’s not that complicated.”

If Santa Claus is listening, one thing Chris Bright would like to see in the upcoming year is a new fire station at Point of Pines.

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