Human Remains Found at Rumney Marsh

The Thanksgiving weekend was anything but quiet for local and State Police as human bones were found in Rumney Marsh and an elderly woman was robbed in the Beachmont section.

State Police are not commenting on additional bones found in the Rumney Marsh on Monday after human bones were found in the same location last Friday by duck hunters.

The suspected human remains were found close to Marshview Terrace in North Revere.

After the bones were found Friday the State Police sent out its Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) for a follow-up search on Monday, discovering more bones.

“They are specially trained in search and rescue operations, and their search capabilities include evidentiary searches in large outdoor areas in difficult terrain, which fits the description of Monday’s operation,” said David Procopio, spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police. “They conducted a grid search in coordination with MSP Detectives and Crime Scene Services techs.”

Revere Police, along with State Police Troopers from the State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, responded to the area document the bones.

On the other side of the city, an elderly woman was robbed on Crest Avenue in Beachmont.

Early this past Saturday evening, Revere Police responded to a report of an armed robbery of an elderly woman in the area of Crest Avenue. Revere Police took one suspect into custody. Massachusetts State Police, along with Boston Police and Transit Police, responded to the Beachmont neighborhood near Suffolk Downs to assist with the search for the at-large suspects. The Blue Line was temporarily shut down while K9 units tracked along the subway rails. Ultimately, the suspects were not located. Revere Police are conducting the follow-up investigation.

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