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Vote no on ‘q.5’

Dear Editor,

When Revere and Winthrop voters in certain precincts head to the polls on Tuesday it is important they are made aware that the non-binding question, called Question 5, is being pushed by two MIT students who do not now nor did they ever live in Winthrop or Revere. Yet Question 5 only appears on the Winthrop and Revere ballots demonstrating that its sole purpose seems to be to insult our community and our intelligence about the great work of Bob DeLeo, our esteemed State Representative.  When outsiders come in and their only goal to discredit a decent, hardworking, and respected public servant, we must stand up and say “No” to that and “No” on 5.

Bob DeLeo has been a public servant for many years. He served as Selectman in Winthrop and has served admirably as our State Representative. He always puts his constituency first. We are proud that it is our State Rep who has been elected by his peers to be the Speaker of the House. And leadership positions aside, Bob has never has forgotten where he comes from.  Bob has always exercised keen judgment and is thoughtful and fair in his leadership roles – doing his best for Winthrop, Revere and the rest of the Commonwealth as well. In this world of much uncertainty it is comforting to know we have Bob DeLeo in our corner.

It is our hope that Winthrop and Revere votes a resounding no on Question 5, and sends a clear message that we appreciate and support our State Representative, Bob DeLeo, and we don’t appreciate the politics of personal attacks through ballot questions. Winthrop and Revere are better than that.



Catherine DelVento

Councilor Pete Christopher

Council President Ron Vecchia

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