RevereCARES High School Clubs Tackle Issues

Great things happen when Revere High School teams up with RevereCARES and that’s just what’s happened with the Youth Health Leadership Council (YHLC) and the Power of Know Club.

The YHLC is made up of high school students interested in exploring issues effecting their peers and who are interested in advocating for a healthier community.

This year the YHLC is focusing efforts on areas like vaping, curbside textile recycling, a youth job rally at the State House and organizing a Self-Care Fair.

The Power of Know Club, which has 35 members, will also work on career readiness, mentoring  financial literacy and tackling procrastination and community service.

Youth Coordinator Debora Guimares, with Revere CARES and stationed in Revere High School,

The said students are vaping in the classrooms as they are in many classrooms across the United States. They are working on the issue the neighboring communities of Chelsea, Saugus, and Winthrop through a shared grant.

“This is of high priority for the communities,” Guimares said. “We’re hoping to share videos and signs in the school. There are also some grants to hold workshops.”

Right now there are 19 students involved with the YHLC because they are concerned about improving the lives of youth in Revere. They work at city jobs and at the farmer’s market.

The number one concern for youth in Revere High School is drugs, they also talk about a students well-being, the pressure to do well, dealing with applying to college, dealing with financial challenges.

“Sometimes it can be overwhelming for them,” she said. “Frequently I hear that a student is overwhelmed. That’s why we are also focusing on the Self-Care Fair.”

The fair will be held April 4, 2019.

All the students in both clubs are very focused on getting in to college. Some already have jobs or are working at internships.

To learn more about the Power of Know Club contact Debora Guimares, youth coordinator, at [email protected]

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