Councillor McKenna says ‘Suspended’ Parking Employees Should be Paid

Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna reaffirmed her belief that the two Revere Parking Department employees that Mayor Brian Arrigo placed on unpaid administrative leave should receive their salaries while they are on leave from their jobs.

McKenna’s comments came during the City Council’s committee on the whole meeting Monday night.

“I said at my last council meeting [on July 23] that they’re innocent until they’re proven guilty,” recounted McKenna. ‘I just don’t think that these two individuals should be suspended without pay. If you’re going to suspend them, pay them, but don’t suspend them without pay until they’re found guilty.”

McKenna also said that all discussions about the parking meters issue should be in private.

“I feel that this [matter] shouldn’t have come in to the public – I really don’t,” said McKenna. “This should have been done behind closed doors.”


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