Arrigo:New Parking Meters Will be Installed Throughout the City

Mayor Brian Arrigo said that Revere residents can expect to see brand new parking meters throughout the city by the end of 2018.

“All of the meters will be replaced and we will have brand new meters,” said Arrigo. “Additionally we’re going to have a new reporting system. The City Council gets a treasurer’s cash report monthly and we’re going to make sure that the reports have a little bit more information. And the reports will be on the city’s Web site.”

Arrigo said residents will be able to read on the Web site how much revenue from the parking meters is coming in to the city each month.

The new meters are being installed in response to the parking meter funds controversy that saw the city receive no revenues for 10 consecutive months, according to an accounting firm’s report.

“At minimum, there was complete mismanagement of that department [Parking Department] that goes back to 2010 and even further, given that there were some internal controls that were never in place,” said Arrigo. “There were no controls in place in terms of the cash handling process, unaccounted for coins, underutilized enforcement, and below average meter rates. This is an issue that has been going for years, if not decades. It’s my job to make sure that this doesn’t happen ever again and that we fix the problems that we have in the city.”

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